Sunday, 4 January 2015

More about me

First let me say a BIG THANK YOU to all your sweet messages and beautiful comments you keep sending me. Due to the sheer volume I am not able to answer all of them so for that reason I am writing this blog.

My location: Well I am in Canada. More specifically I constantly travel between Calgary and Vancouver.

My music: I listen to just about anything and when I say anything I mean anything. It all depends on my mood. But mostly I love Melodic Trance.

My Religion: I don't believe in indoctrinated blind faith traditions and religions that brought nothing but war hate and misery through out history on man kind. I really have major problems with preachers who use fear and ask for blind faith to make me follow a doctrine with rewards after you die...these are the traits of a con artist for control

My paid services and web sites: I DO NOT have a paid site! Yes I do this for pure fun and not money. Although some guys paid me for special requests outside from what I do and I also get paid frequently from guys to cam with them for special fetishes and others who buy my panties among other things but these are purely special requests and I don't really advertise them.

Fucking guys and gang bangs: Although I have pix showing what might look like gang bangs and I have blogs talking about being a bimbo fuck toy...these are all fantasies and I do not act up on them in real life. Why? Because it will not be responsible! There are so many STD's out there and although I “act” stupid and whorish, its all an online fantasy act and not real ^_^

Bimbofication if I will go ahead with it? Yes! I will....BUT let me explain!
I have my own definition of being a bimbo that is different from the parroted definition online. My definition of bimbo is big tits (not too huge that it looks stupid but big enough to look fake) with slutty tight revealing cloths and high heels. Acting stupid and laughing about everything and being horny all the time to fuck your guys brains out and being treated like a total whore/fuck toy by your man ^_^

What else did I get asked in your messages to me...oh yeah, you wanted to know if I like anal sex and deep throat..well D'aaaa, I love anal sex and love to deep throat with tears and runny makeup... I also like rough sex and dirty talking, spanking and light slapping but nothing that will cause real harm or make me bleed/heavy bruising...but being sore from rough sex is pleasurable!

If there are any other questions you'd like me answer ask me and I will put it here on this blog ;)

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