Thursday, 1 March 2018

Personal and Fantasy website Distinction

This blog is intended for those who read my sites and peruse my social media, to understand and make the distinction between my personal website and my played out online fantasy site

I will begin by discussing my personal site which will describe my interests, hobbies and more of my personal characteristics. These will include my fashion choices, music tastes,makeup looks,  recipes, books I read and review plus other venues I will choose to explore.

Nothing on this site will be sexual in nature.  I have decided to separate the online fantasies being played out and my true self. Hence, if you happen to see my content online that is sexual, do not assume that you can automatically contact me on my personal site to send me pictures of your junk, or messages to meet or anything sexual in nature; I have aggressive spam filters  in place so you will be wasting time.  Now, for those who only want to talk sexual is the site for you, please read carefully!

In plain English, if you never met me in real life, DO NOT contact me from Instead, go to, verify yourself and contact me from there.

The contact page on is for people I know personally and have met in real life, not online fans. Please do not use this as a means of communication if you are an online fan. The one thing I dislike the most is when online fans who I do appreciate, but are still anonymous strangers to me, think in their mind that whatever venue available is a means of contact, and  they automatically can use that venue to talk sexual to me, or speak to me on some personal level without actually knowing me. In essence, online fans are not the same as people I have met personally at work or on an outing in my town for example.

I believe there is a strong misconception about online models who happen to post sexual content; which is that all they are is just sexual beings who eat, sleep and breathe nothing but sex; and they have no other things in their life. Hence the reason for some online fans to send pictures of their junk as a start up line in conversation. Not cool!

To conclude, I think this short post should explain things to everyone out there about why I separated my sites.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

The moon has acne scars and she's still beautiful

Be Beautiful And Love Yourself

Beauty is only skin deep, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As the sayings go, external attractiveness has little to do with overall quality. What may appeal to one person may not to another. Also, there is beauty in the imperfection, one just has to see it.  Most people see beauty in how attractive something or someone looks on the external surface. I believe there is more to the true definition of beauty than meets the eye.

People usually never see beauty for the multitude of perspectives it can offer. Even when one looks at objects displayed in a  store window, the more fancy decor the better. But what if the objects in the window are just placed in a random way, would it still have the same appeal? I think yes.

If one thinks or pictures the moon, it has craters, white in color really plain and ordinary if you really think about it. But if one delves deeper than the surface would there be a form of beauty there to see?

Stars in space, clouds in the sky, the sun reflecting off a river or lake; perhaps animals walking in the forest or displays in a store window. All examples of beauty each on its own.

There is no clear way to define beauty, its really in the eye of the beholder. Also, it comes in a myriad of forms.

Now lastly, every person is their own worst critic. Most people don't see themselves as others see them, they usually see worse. Self perception is very diverse among people. It's important not to compare to others, if you really think about it you cannot have what someone else has and vice versa. Staying positive about one's situation helps, opportunities could begin to open. Try seeing the real beauty instead of the superficial.

Love yourself by doing something positive that you like, then you will exude positive vibes.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will!

Where does doubt come from? In the general sense of mind and thought. It's a feeling that nothing works out for a person and their life basically sucks the shit bag; no matter what they attempt to do. Often times erroneous comparisons are made with people they see in their life or online that achieved similar goals, but they feel they simply cannot measure up. They usually firmly believe and take to heart all the negativity from people around them. If you choose to pursue a goal and you end up facing obstacles self-doubt can manifest in your mind steering you away from achieving the intended goal. One must have incredible discipline and strong will to overcome obstacles. Live through the shit while you are on the way to the light. Reach greatness by not allowing the doubts to control your mind, perseverance is key to success.

Doubt essentially can be a real dream crusher and goal killer. Now, one might attribute life situations as a deterrent to accomplishing goals. Also, the thoughts develop in the mind, like “ oh, that's impossible I can't do it”. Keep in mind the achievement of making plausible dreams that more or less fit with one's cards of life a reality. Self doubt can be perceived as an excuse to remain in the rut or routine created by the individual, halting their progress in life.

Also, doubt should not be confused with failure the two are very dissimilar. Failure is generally trying to do something that may be new or familiar but, never achieving the desired or correct result. Doubt is thinking one is incapable of pursuing the task, due to a physical or mental challenge.

One must understand few basic facts: doubt will only become real if one projects and truly believes in it. Ultimately, it will lead to one's own demise or failure.

Dreams are just that unless the individual decides to make them reality. Remember, self doubt is nothing more than a belief that forms in the mind. It can only turn real if one focuses their energy.

Focus on a plausible dream make it a goal and pursue to the end without letting doubt take control and you lose out.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Why I do what I do "Rebel"

Many people have posed me the question about why I chose the gothic alternative, rebel lifestyle, that I define as doing things outside society's expectations. Growing up in my generation it was expected that one completes education, chooses a field of profession, marries,  buys a house, then family enters the picture. Most of the people I knew followed that path to some extent. I however, think that there were forces at play guiding me to where I am today since it seems that it was most difficult for me to end up in the traditional family unit. Today, the way of life changed because of the internet. Many things that were taboo even to speak of in previous years are now socially acceptable. To elaborate on this point, it's as if the  invention of the internet suddenly turned taboo into norm. Now, if the internet never materialized would life stay the same? Would time, people and technology progress? I see my way of life as evolution, progress. Also, living out experiences as well.

CriesoftheGoth my personal website will be a detailed account of the various aspects of life I have experienced and still exploring. As the name suggests, various facets of my version of goth alternative will be portrayed through my site from fashion to recipes, various photography, book reads and hobbies.

I like to differentiate myself from the “sheeple”, those who follow society's rules of proper etiquette without knowing the real reason why. The buzz pitch phrases that are regurgitated to the point of nausea like: “everybody is doing it” or “ it's the right thing to do”.  “ This is sooo cool” . Much of this is literally being sold to people through famous media stars, who appear perfect with huge amounts of time and money. It's almost like  a subliminal message being transmitted to the general public minds,  if you want success  this is what to follow no matter what lifestyle you choose. 

I intend to show that it's possible to achieve goals and follow a lifestyle of your choice by positioning yourself with the right person and attitude. It is important also to see the larger picture of those who support you and not let those who disapprove derail you. One thing I noticed is the ones who make the most noise when against something or someone are in reality the lesser in numbers, but people don't notice this fact, they merely focus their attention to the voices they hear.  I prefer to concentrate on the positive supporters who when seeing the bigger picture, are more numerous in numbers. That in my opinion is the key to achieving your set goals in life.

In conclusion, anything can be possible with the right mindset and belief.