Thursday, 19 February 2015

Adult social media sites review for amateur models

OK, I got few emails from new female models asking me of my preferred adult media site so I decided to write this blog.

As many of you know I've been doing adult oriented videos online for a while now and I've tried different adult social media sites. The ones that made my list were, and; so I will compare those three from my experience thus far

One thing to note is that adult entertainment or lets call it for what it is “porn” is not my career. I am not a professional porn star..i.e. I am not doing it for money or to get subscribers, likes or hits...etc. I consider myself a playful amateur goofing around and making videos for fun and nothing more. So, on that note here is in-my-opinion review of what I think is the best adult social media site:

This review assumes you are a female amateur model and part of the “Verified Amateur Program” which all three sites mentioned above have.

I will base my review on 4 points and compare them to each site (xhamster, xvideos and pornhub):
  1. Traffic or hits your videos and picture albums can receive
  2. General attitude of the community and their engagement on your videos and pictures
  3. Social interaction tools to let you interact with the community on each of these sites like messaging/live chat/cam
  4. The type of content each of the sites promote or focus on the most

1- Traffic:
In terms of traffic they are all the same. However, for me Xhamster gives me a little bit more quality hits than Pornhub and Xvideos. But the difference is really not that much between the three

2- Community attitude:
Xhamster is a clear winner here!
  • Xhamster gives my videos a lot more comments than Pornhub and Xvideos.
  • Also Xhamster community is super friendly. All the comments I get are so sweet, complimenting and encouraging which motivates the model to shoot more content
  • In terms of like/dislike ratio Pornhub is the worst. The pornhub community are more inclined to dislike your videos if its not professionally filmed. For-example, a video on Xhamster gets 95 likes and say 5 dislikes while on pornhub the same video gets only 65 likes and 35 dislikes. Its like the community on pornhub are more inclined towards professional videos than amateur ones. Xvideos in comparison is in between Xhamster and Pornhub; same content on Xvideos gets 80 likes and 20 dislikes so its slightly better than pornhub

3- Social interaction tools:
Pornhub and Xhamster are more or less the same. I like pornhub wall post feature better than Xhamster because it lets me pin a post and also allows me to format the text and include links which I like a lot. However, Xhamster lets you write blogs and allows users to comment and interact. Xvideos in my opinion is adult media hosting site and not a social media site

4- Content type each site focuses on:
You can find all types of content on all three sites. If you like to view content then they are all equal! However, if you are a model uploading your own amateur content then you will notice a difference in your overall experience.

Xhamster content covers all spectrums, the professional and amateur equally. Xhamster videos are more sensual and more inclined towards tasteful non fetishy videos and definitely nothing gross like scat or pee...etc. As an amateur model uploading your own content, Xhamster will give you this positive feeling. You will see the number of views on your content sky rocket, the likes and the overwhelming positive comments on your videos will give you a positive encouraging feeling.

Pornhub content focus's more on the professional porn star type videos and ranges from the tasteful to full blown fetish ones but lacks in the amateur department; at least that's the feeling I get. The pornhub community will tend to rate your content more harshly. The feeling I get is that pornhub audience feels they are entitled while Xhamster audience is privileged to see whatever you upload. Your content will get about 65% positive feedback on Pornhub in comparison to Xhamster

Xvideos is more neutral in terms of overall content feedback. You will get people who appreciate your content and others who don't. I would say about 80% of the feedback is positive on Xvideos

In conclusion, Xhamster is my preferred choice because I feel appreciated and I just get the general feeling that the Xhamster community feels privileged to see my videos. Another positive point is Xhamster site is cleaner, very well laid out, easy to navigate and not cluttered. Xhamster works well if you got ad blockers while Pornhub will not let you login or navigate with ad blocker running on your browser

This is my review and personal opinion, I am sure different people will have varying opinions nevertheless that's what I think.

Avoid doing the following things if your goal is to get me to answer you

  • No matter what it is you are asking, if you want me to answer you then you must email it to me. I only respond to email messages that are detailed and nothing else.
  • Do not ask me questions by commenting on my social media postings or blogs. This is just plain stupid! Comments on my postings should be related to that post. Lets just keep the comments on the posts relevant

  • Read my site and blogs to get to know me. Remember, if you want me to get back to you I need to be interested in you and by reading my site and blogs you will know how I think and what I like and dislike so you can formulate your message in a way to make it interesting for me to answer you. I am not a doing this for money so I have no interest in talking to people at random or to waste time answering general questions. I put up my web site so I don't have to answer repetitive questions. 

  • Keep in mind I allow anyone to use my content anyway they like so if you see me somewhere online it does not mean it's me interacting with you. I list all my online profiles on my site. If its not on my site then you weren't chatting with me ;)

  • My online videos and social media postings are just fantasies I play-out online. Its just stupid fun or a moment fling and nothing more; I do not do that in my real life! If you want to know the real me, read my site and blogs and never base it on my social media profiles be it family-oriented Facebook or pornographic PornHub...etc. The real me is on my web site and blogs and nowhere else!


  • Don't email me when you are drunk or using one hand to write because you are masturbating or whatever the heck your reason is; believe me I heard it all lol. Check your spelling and grammar. If you type like a 2 year old rest assured I will ignore your message ;) 
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Hope this shed some light on the many messages I keep getting everywhere and why I am not answering “the many” some of you :)