Sunday, 13 November 2016

Personal hygiene and grooming

I'm writing this blog to answer some of the questions I get from fans and also from experience meeting friends. Personal hygiene and grooming is very important! Always take care of yourself, brush your teeth, don't have bad breath, shower, clean yourself properly downstairs...etc.

I personally shave my pussy completely (bald beaver) and I like shaved men as well (not to be confused with me meeting strangers!). Getting pubes stuck between your teeth after a BJ/deep-throat is no fun, haha. How would you look to friends when you smile and there is pubes stuck between your teeth...yuck lol, so don't do that to your wife, girlfriend, mistress or significant other :)

I also do daily enema to cleanse/clean my butt :) I don't just do it for anal sex but it's a healthy habit. You can Google the benefits of enema's and the different types of solutions you can use for cleansing. I use coffee enemas then I rinse with water. Cleaning the pussy is important as well especially after peeing (for women). Using a douche not only feels good but it help me get off lol

So always brush your teeth, clean your tongue, shave your pubes (most women like it shaved), shower, clean your junk and make sure it smells good down there and you will get hotter sexual experience with your significant other ;)

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Do I do escort services?

(FANTASY): If I would be an escort, the below would be TRUE!

The short answer is NO...the long answer is sort of...I'll explain!

I have some rich sugar daddies who pay me and fly me to their favorite hotel all expenses paid and I do whatever they ask of me and yes its all sexual and perverted!!! some of the images and videos on my porn hub account are the result of those encounters; try to guess which ones?

Those sugar daddies I've known for a long time! I will not fuck any rich guy just because he has money. I only do the ones I've known for quite some time!!! and definitely I do not do escort calls to random strangers...etc.

You might see me on some escort sites but that's just stupid fetish play and I don't do that for real. You will notice my escort adds all lack a phone number or any real contact info “hence” it's fake!

Why do I do all this fetish play and shoot nudes...etc? Because I'm playful, naughty and sexual by nature!!! but not the way stupid porn-Hollywood portrays it. Read my web site and blogs ( and you will know what I mean.

Why do I do sugar daddies? Well truth is they pay REAL GOOD!!! like you can't imagine!!! off course I can't divulge much info on that but I do it for the money. I figure I know them real well all my life, Both me and the sugar daddy is tested for STD's at a reputable medical facility before any session, I get to travel and live super first class anywhere from a week to a month; and sometimes in different places on the same trip.

Do I meet or fuck fans, random strangers or Internet friends? Absolutely NOT!!! never did and will never do period! WHY? Because there are lots of crazy people out there, because of STD's...and the list goes on and on!!!

Do I go to swinger parties or gang bang parties..etc? Absolutely NOT for the same reason above; Never did and will never do!!!

Who are the people who photograph me and fuck me in those pix and vids on my porn hub account?
They are old friends I've known all my life and we all know each other real well for a very long time and we play often with each other. And, no you can't join in.

You've interacted with me on some other sites, what was that all about? If its not listed on my personal website then its not me who you interacted with! I don't know and I don't care who that was. I allow anyone to use any of my contents anyway they want. If you want to know the sites where “I” post stuff then check my personal web site! I list all my social media that I'm active on on there

If you guys have any other questions comment below and I will add it here for the rest of you wankers fapping to sluts on the web ;)