Sunday, 14 December 2014

How to contact me non commercial for fun

I generally respond to all the messages I get if you send me a verified pix of you and tell me some "factual information about you". Anything short of that and you can be sure your message will be ignored with the 100's of similar messages I get daily

My definition of a verified picture is: A portrait pix of you showing your face and holding a paper with my name and date on it. If you are not willing to do this because you need to stay anonymous then just follow my activities on my social networks and interact with me by commenting on there

My social media:

When I chat with someone for fun (non commercial) then I like to put a face to the conversation and to distinguish you from the many contacts I keep getting. I understand if you need to remain anonymous so I ask the same from you that I also need to see who am communicating with.

If you do choose to send me your information read this to know what I look for

I care about personality way more than looks or age. For me age is just a number, physique is just looks but personality is who you really are and that's what I look for. Lots of women have their own criteria and I am different than them because I am me! Don't ever think just because you think you are old or you think you don't have the looks or not rich...etc that will ignore you because you will be WRONG! If you are polite and complimenting and accept my wishes that I need to see who I am talking to because the Internet is full of creeps then don't be afraid to talk to me and I will only judge your personality because that is the real you and not your age, looks or social status. Hope this shed some light on this subject

^-0 xoxoxo