Friday, 20 March 2015

Google Hangout text chat and live cam

On my Google+ anyone is welcome to chat with me and follow my public posts. Add me to your circles and you will see when I'm online and you are welcome to come and text-chat with me on hangout. I chat with everyone.

Things to note when chatting with me

Things to avoid ;)

The rules:
I am not into kidnapping, rape, pain (little tiny bitsi pain is OK :), underage play, incest, violence, gross stuff like period/tampon play, scat, barfing or anything disgusting. No illegal stuff, no bestiality. I will not chat with you if you tell me you are cheating on your wife or girlfriend! I don't use Google hangout for porn, go to porn sites if you are into that! I don't want to hear about your adventures with your under age kids (this is SICK!). Don't be an idiot! If you chat with me about illegal fantasies I will report you! And Google logs account IPs. This stuff should be common sense but its unbelievable the number of ignorant people on this planet; this is why I am putting this text here

How do you know when I am available for chat/cam?
This is a good question! Many people see when I get online and start chatting with me. However, they don't get a response and wonder why. If you see me online its because I am checking my emails or updating my Google+ profile. My hangout chat/cam is muted!
When I have free time for text-chat I post a “public” status update on my Google+ profile saying that I am on chat for anyone to join. It is at that time my hangout is not muted and I will see your chat requests and respond.

For cam, I will send a “private” status update seen only by my cam/verified circles and not the public.

Always put yourself in my shoes when you look at things. I have no less than a 100 men in my city where I live who sent me verified pix, want to meet me for coffee, they all horny, all sending me dick pix and all want to be in my close circle. That is a lot of people! It can be dangerous for me to share where specifically I go and at what times...etc. I don't do that for safety reasons and it will be a mess if every time I go somewhere I get idiots meeting me in coffee shops wanting to fuck or just being stupid. I can tolerate mistakes on chats but in real life it can be different! For this reason I don't do it. unless time passes and I get to know the person real well and build a profile in my head for them, if I get comfortable enough it might happen. I met very few people like that and I have a positive experience. However, I will never meet anyone for sex or because I am horny ...etc. for that I have close friends I trust for sexual stuff.

I am not looking for a boyfriend, husband or anything long term. I have very active lifestyle and I know lots of people from all walks of life. I am very playful and that's my nature but people always misinterpret that for me being horny or wanting a boyfriend or something like that. I can be a good friend and we can talk about anything but that's as far as it will get and only time might change that and nothing else! What I tell guys is to read my site and blogs but not what I post on social media; If you do, you will know how I think and some guys impressed me with that!

So you see if you tell me we can take it slow to get to know one another; I don't want to mislead or upset anyone; that's why I am writing this small novel :)

P.S. Important, I don't use Google hangout chats for porn. If you want to send me pictures do so by email. If you are horny and want a sexual chat go to porn sites. Don't be an idiot and start sending me nudes and talk pornographic on Google. Google is not a porn chat! However, If you do find me online on my porn accounts then go nuts!

Lastly, don't ask me to skype with you or web cam one on one. I do web cam once or twice a week when I have time. I am not a paid cam model so I don't care about entertaining you or camming with random people. I'm not interested to see how hot you look, I'm not into that shit. To see when I am on my cam you need to be added to my live cam circle. To join in read my site under the social media section for chat/webcam, I don't make exceptions!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Dominant / Submissive type relationship from what I've learned thus far

I will write this article from my point of view and most of it, although can be applied to any D/s relationship, this article is mainly about me and my fascination with the D/s fetish. I will refer to the submissive as female and the dominant partner will be male

D/s relationship is like any other, it's give and take. A dominant male is not dominant if the submissive female is not willing to submit. In a way, the sub or female has more power since she controls the limits of the domination the male can have. A real Dom will know that a D/s relationship is based on the sub consent and on that note I characterize any D/s relationship as a power exchange relationship based on mutual consent. The key to any D/s relationship is “mutual consent”. Mutual consent forms the basis of any D/s relationship; without it you get idiots thinking a Sub must do everything a Dom asks for.

I just recently got introduced BDSM to my D/s experience and with it I introduced the element of pain and humiliation. Now, I am not foreign to the art of humiliation but the pain is new for me. Pain can be pleasurable and anyone not familiar with BDSM may not understand how that can be, but it can be when done with consent and moderation without exceeding ones limits.

Despite what Doms/Masters preach about helping pushing ones limits, I disagree and truly believe that limits must not be pushed! If the sub enjoys her activity and wishes to further her exploration then it will come from the sub and limits will be pushed on their own without any help/encouragements from Doms or Masters.

When I introduced BDSM into my D/s experience I learned that little pain is a positive and pleasurable thing to have in my experience. Just like any other regular (vanilla) relationship, there is no right or wrong way to do things as long as its consensual, happy, and safe!

From the sub viewpoint or more precisely my view point, a Dom-Master can bring balance, security, piece of mind and calmness to the Sub's life. This enables the sub to control her emotions and be happy, accepting and content

One thing to note is that being a Sub is not the same to being a slave. A sub will have hard and soft limits and they must be respected. Soft limits that can be flexible and hard limits that are an absolute NO! As a Dom-Master you must not bark orders without considering these limits.

The key to a successful D/s relationship is finding a partner with similar and close enough interests. If one has more extreme interests than the other, the relationship will be doomed to failure since the extreme partner will always be pushing the limits of the other; this will compromise the hard/soft limits I talked about earlier

I hope this article will shed light on my experience of D/s relationship. I will answer some of the questions I get about my sexual limits and likes. I like dirty sex, to be roughed up and I love pain as long as no blood, physical marks or heavy bruising involved; but being sore the next day from rough sex is pleasurable! I love deep-throat and gagging with tears and runny makeup, I like anal and my fave position is face down ass up ;)

My hard limits will include (but not limited to) scat or poop, that's disgusting!!! also barfing, blood play , tampon/period play (gross), licking toilets, floors or shoes (big YUK!) and anything gross or dirty especially men with poor hygiene
Lastly, I keep getting asked about the tattoo on my ass and I've must answered this question on every blog and people still ask me (really Kissra, that's what it means?)...YES it means slut or U know ^_^

Valuable tip for guys about women!

Four out of five women do not like dick pictures; and the fifth one is a dude!

This blog is also for the nitwits who truly think I will drop everything I am doing, and die for the opportunity to have sex with them just because they have a penis; I hate those dumb fucktards!

Unless I get to know and like you in a non sexual way I will never fantasize about you sexually. If I get horny and as many of you put it “wet” lol (giggling) I will fuck the hell out of my bf; I never in my life had sex with a stranger! Ever! And that will never change! Ever!

Fucktardism: a human behavior where males with a penis absolutely believe that human females have nothing on their mind but sexual thoughts about large penises. This belief also extends to the notion that when a guy asks for sex that his request will not be declined.

Characteristic/behavior of someone exhibiting Fucktardism:
  • Sending brief vague anonymous messages to females asking for sex and expecting a positive answer
  • men stroking their dick on cam asking women to watch them thinking women love this shit
  • men having dick pictures as avatars and asking women to rate and comment on their dick pictures
  • men remaining anonymous because of their job/family thinking they are justified to be anonymous and women must respond positively and believe all the crap these men say
  • transgender, cross-dressers, gays and bi-men pretending to be females using their wife/girlfriend pix or even stolen pix from the internet to pretend they are women and talking to men and asking to see dicks and watching men stroke and cum on cam. These men who fall for that and believe they are talking to real natural born women are under the influence of Fucktardism! Real naturally born women DO NOT LIKE THIS SHIT!!! naturally born women do not want to see dick avatar, men stroking their dicks on cam, cumming on cam, rate or comment on your stupid dick pictures and who ever like this shit is either web cam models after money/subscriptions/hits or they are not women! Regular girls (naturally born women) who are not after money will not like this shit!!! unless the girl gets to know you over time!

One thing to mention about the last point is that I do ask some men to stroke for me on cam and to watch them cum...etc BUT only after I talk and got to know them, and like them and saw his verified pics and I liked that guy before I started to cam sexually with him. If I don't know you or you are anonymous (regardless of your reasons) I will never want to do that with you and any other naturally born women will think you are a creep!

Fucktardism justification from the fucktard point of view: I have a government job/family so I am not going to put any details on sex sites but I still expect to have sex and women should understand that I have a valid reason to be anon so lets meet up! If that's you, then you are a fucktard!

Men I love to cam sexually with and watch them cum to my vids/pix:
So who are these lucky people? Verified men! The ones that spend the most time with me and put up with my never ending bullshit and goofiness. I always initiate and almost never respond to horny guys in a positive way; especially to the ones that show me their dick. So there you have it. If you want to fool around with me virtually there are no rules or limits go all out and be as filthy as you like and I will reciprocate when in the mood on my porn account(s) ONLY! In the real world, you got to be a real gentleman and extremely patient and absolutely non sexual and only then I will get to like you as a friend! And if enough time passes until your dick falls off due to ageing after 100's of years, maybe I will have sex with another lifetime... get it! ;)

(closeups, small/dark/low res, blurred faces or cropped head pictures are garbage!)
Important: I would LOVE to see men totally naked showing their dicks as long as I can see the face! Naturally born women LOVE THIS SHIT!!!! but no face no dice because any pix or vid without a face is lifeless! You can remain anonymous by emailing me your verified pix. If you are not willing that's OK but don't expect me to believe you are who you claim to be just because you say so ;)

Porn and censorship

People who hate porn and want it gone from the Internet and others who support it

Everyone knows I am an amateur goofball shooting adult content and posting it online; since I am not doing it for profit I do not consider myself part of the adult industry. I am also not religious and do not belong to the group representing this moral compass trying to sensor porn. Therefore, I can be somewhat neutral in looking at this issue; so here is my view

As a viewer reading this article written my me :) you also have to open your mind and look at the issue from a wider view...I'll explain!

If you look at any worldly event that made an impact you will notice its always few screwballs that have extreme views about something that make a big stink and create the so called “change” which supposedly represent what the majority of people want. I will call this phenomena as the “Limited Screwball Situation”. Limited because its always few extreme thinking people making the stink and pitching it as the rest of humanity think like that. Screwball...well that's what they are :) and Situation because that's what it is! Something that happened by way of being imposed

As an amateur non-profit porn goofball … i.e. me :) I get contacted by many white collar people who ask me to do “special requests” for them. These people are doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, rich people, military people, politicians and lots of them also religious people from all faiths. Any amateur pretty model can confirm this! These elite people compensate well and don't come with baggage! So from my perspective when I see the same people talking conservatively and yammering about banning porn I laugh.

Let me simplify! If we take corporation interests out of the equation and we let every person on the planet vote on the issue I can bet 80% of the planet will support porn and will not have issues with it (after-all 80% of Internet traffic is porn related), and about 10% will not have any opinion and the remainder 10% will genuinely oppose porn.

The majority of people who have issues with porn are hypocrites because they are the ones asking me to do requests for them and have to stay anonymous because of their families or jobs...etc. Anyone reading this article ask yourself this: Filter out the people who support porn, filter out the hypocrites who privately look at porn but publicly oppose it, filter out corporate interests then what you're left with is extreme minority who genuinely hate porn due to religious or cultural views and these are the cause of what I call the Limited Screwball Situation...after all ask yourself this: if you're reading this article you must have been looking at porn because my blog is not an adult safe blog ;)

So for those few screwballs who do not want to see porn on the Internet do not force the majority to be like you and instead you can regulate yourselves not to watch it and its easier done than said! Here is how:
  1. Set your search engine bing, Google.... and set safety filter to strict! 
  2. Install one of the many free Net Nanny type software on your PC
and that's it!!! try it, and you will never see porn! I tried it! Its a 100% solution!

This solution however, is a filtering solution and not a preventive solution! It will not prevent you from looking at porn if you seek it. It will effectively filter out porn and you will not see anything related to porn but it will not prevent you from seeking porn if you intentionally look for it! So if you want a solution to filter and prevent then the real issue is not porn but a fundamental problem that resides within you!

It is in my opinion, that as humans we must recognize our sexual needs and have the freedom to display them our way. We should be independent when it comes to showcasing our sexual uniqueness, and have the freedom to enjoy consensual sexual expression without societal or governmental interference, coercion or stigmatization. This has to be a fundamental human right for all individuals to develop and express! After-all, human sexuality is a natural behavior and I think it should be nurtured and not suppressed!