Saturday, 15 August 2015

Masters, Mistresses and Dominants

{A true Master must first "submit" to their submissive before she grant him absolute control... by Kissra Lynnkay}

This article describes single, submissive women online-profiles who are seeking a Master, Mistress or Dom

I am writing this blog as an introduction for Masters, Mistresses and Dominants who wish to contact me. I am new to the fetish scene but I consider myself very experienced in the online sexual/porn stuff. Lots of people from all walks of life all over the globe contact me daily and a high percentage of them are “not” anonymous; i.e. I have their verified picture and detailed “factual” information about them. I am also aware that 95% of internet profiles are “fake” i.e. bisexual men, gays, transgenders pretending to be naturally born women parroting what “most” men believe what submissive women are like; hence resulting in many Masters/Doms parroting the same thing in their own online profiles and messages to women. I am also aware that most verified “naturally born women” who do have online profiles are doing it because of their guy influencing them into the life style i.e. all the fetish pictures and videos are all organized and shot by their guy and did not originate from the so called “submissive women” themselves!

I am mentioning the above points to ask every Masters, Mistresses and Dominants to re-think when they communicate with “submissive women”. In most cases [even with verified profiles] you are most likely chatting with her guy (pretending to be the female) who is into this fetish or he has some bi-sexual tendencies or men who love to share/degrade/expose their wives/girlfriends online or in real life!

Note: please do not confuse what I say above with models, cam girls, verified amateurs at porn sites, call-girls...etc. because they will cater to your believes; they are after money, hits and traffic or likes/thumbs up to their content. When I describe “naturally born women” I mean single and verified women (i.e. not influenced) who are horny/submissive and  “not” after marketing themselves or content online for promotional gain.

I also know that there are many guys who are brainwashed into believing whats being parroted online (by mainstream porn) about women sexuality and if you are one of them then what I say in this article will not make sense to you. Therefore I ask that you do not contact me and waste both our times. I am not interested in criticism be it constructive or otherwise, However, if you wish to discuss with me your views then I am open to it as long as you are not criticizing!

Little information about me: I am online because I enjoy it and I am not after marketing my self or content. I am “different” than most “verified naturally born women” online! I don't have a boyfriend or husband who takes my pictures because it turns him on or I am drawn into the lifestyle because of him! I do what I do because I am “verified naturally born woman” who is [single], [submissive] because I like to be controlled, sexual by nature and very [playful] but “not” in the way most men think about women!

If you are truly enlightened and not brainwashed with whats being parroted by fake profiles or profiles “influenced” by men then you will begin to understand what I mean by [“single, independent-in-thought, naturally born women, who are not influenced by her guy's sexual-likes”] then you will begin to recognize and distinguish our online profiles from the “manyfake or not so independent females out there!

I am submissive and I like the guy to take control and will submit to my Master, Mistress or Dominant once I find him/her! Until then I don't respond too positively to the many who are anonymous and parrot the same things that were enshrined by men or the mainstream-porn-industry! Read my fetish blogs before you contact me if you want me to take you seriously! If for whatever reason you can't comply with what I ask in terms of verification and learning about me prior to contacting me then I cannot submit and give myself to you!

Note: Do not confuse this article as me being dominant rather than submissive. Real submissive women will demand to prove and verify their potential Masters, Mistresses or Dominants before we submit to you!

And off course, there are exceptions to each rule! I am only describing the "majority" and not generalizing all