Monday, 19 May 2014

What turns women on?

Hi guys, I am writing this because I got asked that question so I decided to share my answer with all of you. Most guys think of women like they think of themselves...that all women are horny and dying to get dick and that all what a women think about dick and masturbation and the women gets wet because she is horny...etc. WELL...its simply not true!

Women don't masturbate all the time with wet pussies because they are turned on and they definitely don't dream about dick and they “hate” dick pictures and guys sending them pix about their dicks or talking about their dick...its really sickening and revolting to say the least!

So why pretty women don't do that and what do they like?
First, don't get me wrong, women do get horny and they like to have sex...some more than others and more frequently than others BUT...and here is the big BUT! Women can get sex easily unlike men so when we get horny we go clubbing or call up a cute guy we know and get sex that way; we definitely don’t go online and start to masturbate and shove fingers up our holes then lick them and moan and fantasize about dicks and chat with men and tell them how we will worship and fuck their precious dick...bla bla bla... so why then guys think of women that way? It is in my opinion that most of the profiles on any blogs be it porn or otherwise are all fake! You are not talking to a naturally born women when you chat with this sexy hot foxy slut telling you what you want to hear about your beautiful prick and what she will do to it because she is horny! You are most likely talking to a guy pretending to be a women and these are bi-men, gays, cross dressers and transsexuals...only they like that stuff and NOT naturally born women!
In other instances if you do see real verified women talking like that its because of 2 things: Girls do it because they are either been instructed by porn sites or men and the other reason why they do masturbation, worshiping is because they are web cam models and they think guys like that and they do it to help them earn money.

So...what do real women like? I will tell you:
Well first we don't like talking to anonymous men and definitely not cropped pix or dick pix. We want to see the full body with face and the guy don't have to be naked, a simple fully clothed with face showing, portrait pix; this way we can associate a face to the conversation. Then if the guy does the right moves like make me laugh or does what the girl is into (none sexual) then we start to like the person. Only then we start to fantasize about being with that person because we like him and not because we are horny for dicks. And don't get me wrong, girls do get horny and do want to just fuck but unlike men we can get sex very easy so we go out clubbing or call a friend we like and get sex. We don't go online and masturbate so you see real pretty girls don't do that stuff because we don't need to.

In conclusion, send the girl a pix with your face and do hold a paper and write her name on it so she knows its your pix. Then learn about the girl by asking her none sexual questions be nice and complementing. Then work on making her like you by doing things she like and slowly turn the conversation to sexual but don't rush it and don't ever talk about your dick and how hard it is and nothing related to your dick because at the present time anything associated with dick is bad because we got so fed up with this idiotic not true fantasies that men think women like. Hope this helps some guys

P.S. Don't get mad if real women ignore you because your avatar is a dick pix or your message to her is about your cock and how horny and turned on you are...real girls simply don't give a fuck ;)

One more thing for the boys out there, if you send a message to a woman older than you never say anything similar to the following:
  • Are you into younger guys
  • I love mature woman
  • Will you be my mommy
  • You look so good for your age
  • You are a sexy cougar
any of the above, or similar to it, will make any woman not in her early twenties feel old and she will not like you lol :) Generally woman like men who are mature and adult and not little boys ;)