Thursday, 19 February 2015

Avoid doing the following things if your goal is to get me to answer you

  • No matter what it is you are asking, if you want me to answer you then you must email it to me. I only respond to email messages that are detailed and nothing else.
  • Do not ask me questions by commenting on my social media postings or blogs. This is just plain stupid! Comments on my postings should be related to that post. Lets just keep the comments on the posts relevant

  • Read my site and blogs to get to know me. Remember, if you want me to get back to you I need to be interested in you and by reading my site and blogs you will know how I think and what I like and dislike so you can formulate your message in a way to make it interesting for me to answer you. I am not a doing this for money so I have no interest in talking to people at random or to waste time answering general questions. I put up my web site so I don't have to answer repetitive questions. 

  • Keep in mind I allow anyone to use my content anyway they like so if you see me somewhere online it does not mean it's me interacting with you. I list all my online profiles on my site. If its not on my site then you weren't chatting with me ;)

  • My online videos and social media postings are just fantasies I play-out online. Its just stupid fun or a moment fling and nothing more; I do not do that in my real life! If you want to know the real me, read my site and blogs and never base it on my social media profiles be it family-oriented Facebook or pornographic PornHub...etc. The real me is on my web site and blogs and nowhere else!


  • Don't email me when you are drunk or using one hand to write because you are masturbating or whatever the heck your reason is; believe me I heard it all lol. Check your spelling and grammar. If you type like a 2 year old rest assured I will ignore your message ;) 
  • Don't send me dick pictures or videos unless you send a photo/video with your face and holding a paper with my name, date on it. If you do send just a dick picture you will be an idiot because that's exactly what I will think of you.
Hope this shed some light on the many messages I keep getting everywhere and why I am not answering “the many” some of you :)

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