Sunday, 13 November 2016

Personal hygiene and grooming

I'm writing this blog to answer some of the questions I get from fans and also from experience meeting friends. Personal hygiene and grooming is very important! Always take care of yourself, brush your teeth, don't have bad breath, shower, clean yourself properly downstairs...etc.

I personally shave my pussy completely (bald beaver) and I like shaved men as well (not to be confused with me meeting strangers!). Getting pubes stuck between your teeth after a BJ/deep-throat is no fun, haha. How would you look to friends when you smile and there is pubes stuck between your teeth...yuck lol, so don't do that to your wife, girlfriend, mistress or significant other :)

I also do daily enema to cleanse/clean my butt :) I don't just do it for anal sex but it's a healthy habit. You can Google the benefits of enema's and the different types of solutions you can use for cleansing. I use coffee enemas then I rinse with water. Cleaning the pussy is important as well especially after peeing (for women). Using a douche not only feels good but it help me get off lol

So always brush your teeth, clean your tongue, shave your pubes (most women like it shaved), shower, clean your junk and make sure it smells good down there and you will get hotter sexual experience with your significant other ;)

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