Friday, 16 January 2015

Before you ask to meet with me

NOTE: this blog for those who are looking for a wife/girlfriend, a fuck buddy, a one night stand, web cam sex or fetish play

First and foremost, read my web site before you contact me!

I am an amateur adult entertainer and this is not a paid business for me. I do this purely for fun! I have my own terms that are not business oriented and definitely I am not like other women you find online who are trying to get hits, subscriptions or get you to pay.

The Internet is full of creeps and anyone can claim to be anything therefore for that reason alone anonymous people are ignored by default and when I say ignored I mean you will not even get a response back.

You can be anonymous and still interact with me by commenting on my pix and I generally will comment back (harmless stupid fun); but, don't let that fool you into believing we can be life long buddies. I get 100's of messages, comments ...etc per day and from my perspective they are all the same. I distinguish the nice people from the trolls and I tend to comment back to the people I like most but that's about it; cam sessions, meeting for coffee, fetish play, sex or asking for my phone number...etc this is out of your league anonymous people. Read my blog to know what I consider verified people, even with them I have many friends and it's  hard to talk to all of them due to the sheer number, but we interact on a different level than with anonymous people.

I get online on my cam few times a month when I am bored and have the time. I use hangout and cam with a verified-group! We chat and laugh (non sexual just stupid jokes and fun) nothing more. No attachments, no expectations, ….etc. To put it in a perfect example imagine you go for coffee with a group of coworkers. A mix of women and men, married, with kids, single don't know, you are just there for a coffee break nothing more.

Also it's important to note and I can't stress this enough, I hear all the time guys telling me how hot they are and how huge their dick is and they are experts in pleasing women, they are rich, body builders...bla bla bla bla I hate all that shit like you can't even imagine!

You want to be on my good side and get a chance to be a good friend then here is what I like to see from you:
  • If you chose to be anonymous  then just have fun following me and comment on my social media. Be respectful of what you say and where. Don't be stupid and leave sexual comments on Facebook or non adult social media. You can reserve these comments for my adult profiles
  • if you chose to be verified don't expect much. You will only see more of my activity that I share with my verified friends
  • If you want to make me happy and notice you then buy me something from my wish list. I don't need money donations I would appreciate a more thoughtful gift and it doesn't have to be expensive. Buy me sexy heels or slutty dress, bracelets, gift certificate for makeup things like that! Surprise me I love surprises
  • If you choose to get me something just do it. Don't spoil it by asking me what I like or prefer. It's the thought that counts!
  • if you are verified and get on my good side because you are nice in general and you bought me gifts...etc and I get to like you; I will add you to my close friends circle and that means you will see my phone number and when I am online, I will talk to you by email or chat and you will be like a good coworker friend that I got to know more than others. This will not by any means make me want to have sex with you or do fetish play or get married or go steady like boyfriend/girlfriend or meet you for coffee...etc.

Do not miss interpret my intentions of what I say and what I post online! I am naughty by nature and I have very open minded views. This in no way means I am horny and like to act up on what I post online or say on cam when we are having drunk-stupid-fun. If horny sluts that fuck anything that moves is what you are seeking then move along and save your time because you will be very disappointed with me!

This blog is for those who message me novels and send me unverified pictures of themselves asking to meet up for coffee or talk on the phone. I'd say get in line boy, you are number 5 trillion in my spam filter scheduled for automatic deletion by Google in 30 days.

Online fun can be just that, harmless stupid fun where we can come out of our shell, act up on some dumb fantasies, be ourselves without judgment and wind down and escape to a fantasy world before going back to stupid reality again.

By now if you read my blogs and personal web site you will know I am not shy, have zero fear from being embarrassed and I don't get offended from any kind of comments/messages I get. However, I do judge your intelligence and thoughtfulness based on what you comment and where you post it!

Hope this blog sheds some light on the subject for those looking for a wife, a fuck buddy, a one night stand, web cam sex or fetish play, meeting up...etc. I don't do that! And when I do, I have specific people I know real well and trust, to do it with!!!

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