Friday, 2 January 2015


My fascination in the humiliation and D/s fetish

For the purpose of this writings I will term the guy as Master and the slave as sub!
All your life you live by society rules and whats acceptable is termed by society as norm. If everyone walks naked then voyeurism will not exist since there will be nothing stimulating about public flashing and nudity. The humiliation fetish is no different!

It is always sweet when people pay you compliments and everyone loves to be accepted and liked this is a natural human behavior; and keeping that in mind while living the fetish life that is different from the norm can be sexually stimulating.

Being complimented and liked while treated like a dumb whore is sexually stimulating for me and lots of other women. I like to have big tits and dress slutty and have guys look at me in a sexual way and fuck me like a hooker while at the same time I am still attractive and cute to the men who like to use me sexually. Keep in mind this is just a sexual fantasy and I don't want to do that in real life; read on!

Guys who will encourage the sub and steer her to the whore lifestyle and do it so it becomes permanent and not a fling for the moment are the true Masters!

Being a Master who owns a sub or slave is a delicate art! You as a Master need to understand precisely what is it the sub likes to experience and her limits; you then must never cross those limits or try to push them or expand them, and that is key! Because when the sub is ready to expand her experience it will happen without your help!!! On the other hand, you will get your obedient sub satisfying your desires and letting you abuse her within her boundaries and the excitement becomes mutual.

Due to the unbelievable number of ignorant morons out there with their idiotic generalization of Master/Dom and sub/slave fetish; I have devised my own methods on the D/s relationship:
But, before we continue I need to tell anyone reading this document that I tried to find naturally born women being sub/slaves so I can learn about the fetish; however, I was not able to find such profiles. Therefore it is in my opinion that all anonymous profiles on the Internet I consider fake profiles and the majority of them are men/gays/bi-men/cross-dressers/transsexuals pretending to be naturally born women and portraying themselves as whores and willing to do anything the Master asks.
NOTE: I have nothing against gays, trans..etc. read here what I say
So back to my devised methods on Master / sub relationship:
  • A Master have to understand his potential sub specific requirement and needs and boundaries
  • A Master cannot expect the sub to drop her life and move to different location or do things outside her normal daily life just because the Master/Dom said so. This have to be done with in time to build trust
  • As a Master you need to consider financial impact on the sub so if you need her to do something that will cost then be prepared to shell out otherwise don't ask things you are not willing to pay for because the sub is not willing either!
  • Not every sub like to fuck a million guys. I for example like to be shown off to many people and displayed naked and in compromising poses ...etc but I will only sleep, fuck and suck my Master only and no one else (different girls do different things and that's just not me)
  • Everyone got different needs and requirement based on their current lifestyle. If you need to remain anonymous I understand but that's not what most subs looking for. I for example want to see who I am talking to if we were to engage in something more serious than just some Internet fling. A sub would want to see a verified picture and phone number they can call...etc. If you are married or can't show your face...etc then move along because that's not what most subs looking for unless its agreed by all within the relationship!

A proper Master online profile and what a sub looks for when looking for a Master/Dom:
    I am yet to find a proper Master/Dom online profile! Most online profiles of so called Masters/Doms weather be it on Fetlife or elsewhere on the internet, all are monotone and tells nothing about the person calling himself a Master/Dom who seeks total submission from a sub/slave. Let me explain!

    When I look for a Dom I look for someone who tells me about himself as a person living in the real world and not how he describe himself as a Dom. Everyone behind a keyboard can make himself look ideal! First I want to know who are you as a person and if that goes well then we can move along to who you are as a Dom! Still confused? I will explain further :)

    Here is what a sub like me and I presume any other woman who is serious about D/s (i.e. not fake) would look for:

    • Your age
    • Where do you live (city/state/country)
    • What do you do for a living
    • Where do you live? Apartment or house? Renting/mortgage or fully paid and owned? 
    • Do you have a car and valid drivers license or not
    • Do you have debts and how would you describe your credit
    • Are you married/divorced/separated and do you have children and if so are they living with you and how old..etc
    • Are you looking for a sub to move in with you or just remote relationship?

    The above points are example of the things a sub would like to know and by the above "core" information you will describe yourself as a person! Basically who are you as a man? You can also remain anonymous at this stage and that's fine!

    In my opinion if a Dom is serious about having a sub leave her existing life and give total submission to a Master/Dom then the sub would like to know if the Dom would be capable of handling the new responsibility and not just blabbing away like most wannabees out there!

    Do not confuse this with the sub wanting a husband! The D/s relationship is more demanding than most marriages and the above core information (at least from my perspective) is a must! It is only after passing this stage we can move along to who you are as a Dom and what I can offer as a sub!

    If you, a Master/Dom starts out in your online profile describing how you are as a Dom before providing core information about you as a person living in the real world is like feeling horny and want a quick fix. I am not surprised when I hear of Doms complaining about not wanting to waste their time with fake subs. I tell these guys fix your profile so you attract the real ones ;)

    A foot note if you will from what I have learned thus far:
    Most Masters/Doms out there who have a sub/slave were already in an existing relationships. What I mean is most Doms made their existing girlfriends or wives subs and slaves. I am yet to find a Master/Dom who says they are experienced and actually found subs/slaves who did not know them before and started the D/s relationship from the start and that their relationship lasted more than a year! Just keep this in mind if you are a sub new to the D/s like me and reading the profile of an experienced Master/Dom ;)
    Also, here are more info based on my experience thus far in the D/s relationships 

    The following readings are key to know if you wish to talk to me on a serious note:
    Lastly a sub lives by example, so if you find a naturally born women who is a sub/whore and you like your potential sub to do what she is doing I will recommend you find a verified profile!  Please read this to know what I consider verified naturally born women profiles so you don't send me what I consider a fake/anonymous profile. I love to expand my sexuality and feel free to talk to me about your experiences.

    I will keep expanding this document to include new things as I progress in my life with this new fetish ;)