Saturday, 31 January 2015

Empathy, it is your absolute net worth!

Sometimes we take life for granted and forget about all those who are hurting and have it bad in this life. I haven't figured out everything about how life works but for those of you who are suffering from whatever is hurting you remember this: life is what you make it to be, bad things and feelings happen when you are surrounded by negativity either from people, media or whatever else it could be. Slowly detach from the bad and get closer to the positive and happy... we are all equal and important without exception and regardless of our physical looks or abilities...our true beauty lies in the mind and heart so remember that we are all equally is not always people can see that.

And to answer an anonymous message I got, I talk to all people regardless of background, color, shape age or whatever else society made us believe to be...if you can't understand that then I feel sorry for you and I follow what I preach so I move away from people with racist thoughts. As to what I find attractive, its your mind I look for, how positive and how you live your life is what appeals to me and not how you look or what you possess.

Lastly, about the single thing that will impress me the most, I'd have to say empathy.... I will judge you by your empathy and how much of it you posses because its the direct link to your humanity...the less empathy you have the less value you are to me. I will also add to this the biggest thing I hate in people would be hypocrisy! People who are too afraid to defend the right and stay silent or “neutral” when witnessing wrong. If you can't stand up for what you believe in then you are worth nothing to me!

Hope that answer your question anon

Writing by IsisVibes

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