Tuesday, 27 January 2015

How to get women to like you on social networks

OK, so you are one of those creepy guys who want something pretty to play with your doodle

So you've opened an adult account on some porn social network and posted a bunch of photos of your dick, maybe a face photo to show off your goatee and black eye make-up (after all evil looking faces taken by the cam on your laptop are ever so mysterious). Then you steel some bunch of photos from the internet and post them in your profile with captions like "Yeah slut, that's how you'll take my cock you worthless piece of shit". Then you fail to fill out absolutely anything about yourself in your profile or you'll make unbelievably bullshit claims about how great in bed you are. At this point you start getting ready to start harassing every single woman on the social network who happens to make your dick twitch.

Ok; so if you are one of these guys, you may be wondering why your flawless plan isn't working. Well, put simply, it's because woman aren't complete fucking retards.... Inconvenient, I know!

But fear not. For all hope is not lost. It is possible to find success with members of the female population of the social network. So what is the secret; I hear you ask? Well read my blog topics about women to stop having girls throwing their virtual drinks in your virtual face.

Treat women like real people
It's crazy I know. But it's actually true. Scientific studies have shown that women are people too! That's right my friend; So do yourself a favor and stop treating them like idiots that will fall for your Jedi mind tricks.

Women generally have a different value system
What I mean by this is that they are motivated differently and will react differently to things than you would. Imagine if a woman was to flash a man in a park? It would most likely result in a pretty happy man, right? Now imagine if a man was to flash a woman in a park? It would probably result in police being called and charges being laid.
Whereas a guy will fantasize about a woman walking up to them in a bar and begging to suck his cock, a girl will want an actual adult conversation and a genuine connection before she wants to proposition sexual activities.

Women want a real guy
That means you need to make your profile real. You're allowed to have flaws. Unlike most "boys"; women don't demand perfection. Sure they love to look at Ryan Gosling, but they don't mind if that's not how you look. They just want to see that you take enough pride in yourself that they can too. They want to know that you'll put effort into yourself; after all, if you won't put effort into yourself, then how are you going to put effort into them.

You're not entitled to anything, so don't expect anything
Just because a female is nice to you, doesn't mean she owes you anything. Just because she talks to you and you feel attracted to her, doesn't mean she is yours. Just because you both feel a sexual attraction, doesn't mean she is obliged to do anything with you.
Whatever happens, happens. Just be grateful for whatever life brings you and treat her with respect. Before, during, and after.

Writing by Master James

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