Friday, 2 January 2015

Sexual humiliation and degradation

My definition of humiliation and sexual degradation:
  • Pissing on the girl face hair and body including mouth
  • Cumming on her face
  • Fisting and making her pose in a provocative way
  • Her face with runny makeup
  • Slutty degrading comments written on her body
  • Calling her slutty and trashy names like whore, prostitute, slag, cum dumpster and anything sexual in nature
  • Posting slut ID's of her on the net with links and her info to expose her as a slut...etc. (not to post info like her personal address or anything that can be used for fraud or to compromise her personal safety!)
  • Calling me dumb or stupid in front of your friends and talking to me in derogatory way (as long as sexually related) and projecting me as a whore good for one thing ... is a turn on!
What I do not consider degrading or humiliating:
  • Calling her names such as ugly, old..etc. basically non sexual insults and making fun of her physical appearance
  • Being gross like scat, barf or filthy not clean activities like licking floors or sitting with pigs in the mud...this is not sexual and just gross
  • Hate or racist comments
  • Making fun of her and her features
  • Making resemblance of her and a pig or putting pig snout on her and telling her to oink..etc. I fail to see how its related to sexual humiliation. I don't mind it because its not gross but it does nothing for me from the sexual-humiliation aspect
This to me is not humiliation; its you being ignorant, hateful and disrespectful. You will be on my black list and I will look down on you
If you like to see examples of sexual humiliation then look into my pictures on my personal site and you will see some creative examples ;)

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