Sunday, 8 March 2015

Dominant / Submissive type relationship from what I've learned thus far

I will write this article from my point of view and most of it, although can be applied to any D/s relationship, this article is mainly about me and my fascination with the D/s fetish. I will refer to the submissive as female and the dominant partner will be male

D/s relationship is like any other, it's give and take. A dominant male is not dominant if the submissive female is not willing to submit. In a way, the sub or female has more power since she controls the limits of the domination the male can have. A real Dom will know that a D/s relationship is based on the sub consent and on that note I characterize any D/s relationship as a power exchange relationship based on mutual consent. The key to any D/s relationship is “mutual consent”. Mutual consent forms the basis of any D/s relationship; without it you get idiots thinking a Sub must do everything a Dom asks for.

I just recently got introduced BDSM to my D/s experience and with it I introduced the element of pain and humiliation. Now, I am not foreign to the art of humiliation but the pain is new for me. Pain can be pleasurable and anyone not familiar with BDSM may not understand how that can be, but it can be when done with consent and moderation without exceeding ones limits.

Despite what Doms/Masters preach about helping pushing ones limits, I disagree and truly believe that limits must not be pushed! If the sub enjoys her activity and wishes to further her exploration then it will come from the sub and limits will be pushed on their own without any help/encouragements from Doms or Masters.

When I introduced BDSM into my D/s experience I learned that little pain is a positive and pleasurable thing to have in my experience. Just like any other regular (vanilla) relationship, there is no right or wrong way to do things as long as its consensual, happy, and safe!

From the sub viewpoint or more precisely my view point, a Dom-Master can bring balance, security, piece of mind and calmness to the Sub's life. This enables the sub to control her emotions and be happy, accepting and content

One thing to note is that being a Sub is not the same to being a slave. A sub will have hard and soft limits and they must be respected. Soft limits that can be flexible and hard limits that are an absolute NO! As a Dom-Master you must not bark orders without considering these limits.

The key to a successful D/s relationship is finding a partner with similar and close enough interests. If one has more extreme interests than the other, the relationship will be doomed to failure since the extreme partner will always be pushing the limits of the other; this will compromise the hard/soft limits I talked about earlier

I hope this article will shed light on my experience of D/s relationship. I will answer some of the questions I get about my sexual limits and likes. I like dirty sex, to be roughed up and I love pain as long as no blood, physical marks or heavy bruising involved; but being sore the next day from rough sex is pleasurable! I love deep-throat and gagging with tears and runny makeup, I like anal and my fave position is face down ass up ;)

My hard limits will include (but not limited to) scat or poop, that's disgusting!!! also barfing, blood play , tampon/period play (gross), licking toilets, floors or shoes (big YUK!) and anything gross or dirty especially men with poor hygiene
Lastly, I keep getting asked about the tattoo on my ass and I've must answered this question on every blog and people still ask me (really Kissra, that's what it means?)...YES it means slut or U know ^_^

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