Sunday, 8 March 2015

Valuable tip for guys about women!

Four out of five women do not like dick pictures; and the fifth one is a dude!

This blog is also for the nitwits who truly think I will drop everything I am doing, and die for the opportunity to have sex with them just because they have a penis; I hate those dumb fucktards!

Unless I get to know and like you in a non sexual way I will never fantasize about you sexually. If I get horny and as many of you put it “wet” lol (giggling) I will fuck the hell out of my bf; I never in my life had sex with a stranger! Ever! And that will never change! Ever!

Fucktardism: a human behavior where males with a penis absolutely believe that human females have nothing on their mind but sexual thoughts about large penises. This belief also extends to the notion that when a guy asks for sex that his request will not be declined.

Characteristic/behavior of someone exhibiting Fucktardism:
  • Sending brief vague anonymous messages to females asking for sex and expecting a positive answer
  • men stroking their dick on cam asking women to watch them thinking women love this shit
  • men having dick pictures as avatars and asking women to rate and comment on their dick pictures
  • men remaining anonymous because of their job/family thinking they are justified to be anonymous and women must respond positively and believe all the crap these men say
  • transgender, cross-dressers, gays and bi-men pretending to be females using their wife/girlfriend pix or even stolen pix from the internet to pretend they are women and talking to men and asking to see dicks and watching men stroke and cum on cam. These men who fall for that and believe they are talking to real natural born women are under the influence of Fucktardism! Real naturally born women DO NOT LIKE THIS SHIT!!! naturally born women do not want to see dick avatar, men stroking their dicks on cam, cumming on cam, rate or comment on your stupid dick pictures and who ever like this shit is either web cam models after money/subscriptions/hits or they are not women! Regular girls (naturally born women) who are not after money will not like this shit!!! unless the girl gets to know you over time!

One thing to mention about the last point is that I do ask some men to stroke for me on cam and to watch them cum...etc BUT only after I talk and got to know them, and like them and saw his verified pics and I liked that guy before I started to cam sexually with him. If I don't know you or you are anonymous (regardless of your reasons) I will never want to do that with you and any other naturally born women will think you are a creep!

Fucktardism justification from the fucktard point of view: I have a government job/family so I am not going to put any details on sex sites but I still expect to have sex and women should understand that I have a valid reason to be anon so lets meet up! If that's you, then you are a fucktard!

Men I love to cam sexually with and watch them cum to my vids/pix:
So who are these lucky people? Verified men! The ones that spend the most time with me and put up with my never ending bullshit and goofiness. I always initiate and almost never respond to horny guys in a positive way; especially to the ones that show me their dick. So there you have it. If you want to fool around with me virtually there are no rules or limits go all out and be as filthy as you like and I will reciprocate when in the mood on my porn account(s) ONLY! In the real world, you got to be a real gentleman and extremely patient and absolutely non sexual and only then I will get to like you as a friend! And if enough time passes until your dick falls off due to ageing after 100's of years, maybe I will have sex with another lifetime... get it! ;)

(closeups, small/dark/low res, blurred faces or cropped head pictures are garbage!)
Important: I would LOVE to see men totally naked showing their dicks as long as I can see the face! Naturally born women LOVE THIS SHIT!!!! but no face no dice because any pix or vid without a face is lifeless! You can remain anonymous by emailing me your verified pix. If you are not willing that's OK but don't expect me to believe you are who you claim to be just because you say so ;)

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